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Figment — Award-Winning Digital Writing Community for Teens

Los Angeles Times Book Prizes
From the Los Angeles Times:
2011 Innovator’s Award

“The Innovator’s Award recognizes the people and institutions that are doing cutting edge work to bring books, publishing and storytelling into the future, whether in terms of new business models, new technologies or new applications of narrative art.

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Figment is a digital writing community with connections to – and roots in – traditional publishing, a space where young writers and readers are encouraged to share and comment on each other’s creativity, an early adaptor of the digital landscape as a publishing and literary territory, and a site in constant evolution, developing and expanding to meet both the needs of its users and its own digital imperatives. Figment is the third winner of the Innovator’s Award whose previous winners include Dave Eggers and Powell’s Books.”

Have you heard about Figment? Are any of your students Figs (members)?

This site offers students the opportunity to share and receive feedback on their writing, receive advice about writing from published authors, participate in challenges and contests, and publish their work.

I hope you’ll take a look at this site and think about how it might be used to promote student writing.


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